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Make a film with us at an outdoor location

Cinema calling

Cinema Calling is an ultimate hands-on acting and filmmaking experience and is an advanced level of filmmaking for the truly discerning cinema enthusiast. Filmmaking is taken out of the classrooms to outdoor locations where participants are given a hands-on experience of working on a real film. We choose the world’s most energizing places and exciting events as our work areas, and share our passion for filmmaking with students of all ages and levels.Sessions are combined with fun activities like mid-night screenings, photography assignments, behind-the-scenes making and much more.

The chosen shooting location for Cinema Calling is Corbett. Participants will be living, working and shooting in the wilderness with many outdoor enterprises planned.

More about Cinema Calling

A Next Generation Filmmaking

A filmmaking programme designed especially to give an insight into the art of filmmaking, mixing the highly intensive curriculum of film schools with the madcap fun of a workshop with an outdoor location. Participants are provided with an in-depth knowledge of filmmaking, preparing them as the next generation of filmmakers to backpack as a real professional crew. Professionals from the film and television industry will train participants in the different spheres of filmmaking during the course of the workshop.  Participants will be provided with camera, lights, editing machines and other necessary film equipment to familiarize them with their functions and usage.

Cinema Calling allows participants to choose their area of focus, while learning the overall process of making a film. Beyond writing and direction, some participants may enjoy acting, while others may prefer the technical side of production. The programme is composed to extract the best out of a person’s natural talent and fit it to complete the jigsaw that is a film. They will thus form a crew that will make a whole film which will be entered in film festivals around the world.

It is our mission to give personalized and comprehensive training to help students develop their filmmaking skills, whether for a new hobby or to jumpstart a career in films. 

For further information on design and the format of the programme please call on 09971988936


48 responses »

  1. mark5films says:

    Plese send us a mail on detailing your intrest area.


  2. Annie Roodra says:

    can i send my videos to you for cheking & correction tips,….. 🙂

  3. Sir ,i wanted to become a scriptwriter…
    can you help me through the process and also can you tell me about the regarding workshops..???


  4. Alex John says:

    I came across this website and i can relate to the things mentioned over here..and i think its quite cool :)..i love films and the ART of making them. i dont not have any formal training in filmmaking but i can hope to learn a lot from you guys .
    How can i be a part of your group ?

  5. akash mahi says:

    hi i want to know when will this workshop at corbett start, i am intrested in acting
    just want to know the exact dates

  6. Wants to work with TV serials(Fresher in the industry)

  7. I have a very busy life style
    this summer i will be interning with Dabur for sales so wont be able to make it for workshop
    is there any other way so that i can be a part of this group
    i am very deeply interested in the art of film making
    personally i am a writer and a thinker but i want to learn more about direction and cinematography.
    are there programs for working people ?
    though i am a student right now i will be entering corporate in an year and then life might become a but strenuous

    • Mark 5 Films says:

      Hey! We understand the Cinema or Filmmaking requires a lot of time and persistence. We would suggest you to join our filmmaking programme to get information about filmmaking process. It will help you in exploring your capabilities in the respective fields. There are various departments in filmmaking to choose from. You will learn Direction. Acting, camera, script writing and make your own films. CINEMA CALLING is the best outdoor filmmaking course to test your self in this field.

  8. vaundhara says:

    i am like acting and enjoy it and i want to do it please in-role me

  9. taranveer says:

    i want to take part in workshop.please tell me details.

    • Mark 5 Films says:

      Please mail us at or explore the site to know more.

      Quick into: its a highly designed filmmaking programme. its for 2-3 months and you would making a film @ jim corbett.
      Please send your name, age, email id, phone number and you area of interest OR press ask for info on the website.

  10. sharwan kumar says:


  11. Anil ujjwal says:

    Hello i m 38 can i join Film direction course. i was interested in it since my young age….. reply soon

  12. shadab khan says:

    hi..sir iam shadab khan.i want join yours course.b coz i am verry interrested in sir i want some information about it.

    • Mark 5 Films says:

      Hey! Shadab, thanks for showing interest in our filmmaking course. Please send your details on 09971988936, NAME, AGE, EMAIL and your Area of Interest.

      Mark 5 Films

  13. Simran Arora says:

    I want to get training in Cinematography… Can i apply for that..?. If yes, Then How can i apply for it?

    • Mark 5 Films says:

      Dear Simran, Please call us on 09971988936. There are special as well comprehensive courses relate to cinematography course.

      Mark 5 Films

      P.S: Explore the whole website to know more.

  14. Arvind Nishad says:

    Sir,I want become acter so please this about detail me

  15. nilesh says:

    i m interested in direction course..plz let me know about fee structure of the email id is….my no is 9167757154

  16. sanjay says:

    i want to learn editing course please share me details

  17. vishal says:

    i am intresting in acting

  18. Ravi Pandit says:

    Hello sir
    I am Mr. Ravi i am intrested in acting cours i want to actor so plz can you help me
    Or part by part deatails me ok sir
    Thank you

  19. Sir, i my passion is acting so i want to be a part of ur Workshop please contact me

  20. angel jonsson says:

    Hello sir I cmrazy for acting I belong to agra I look handsome n mimicry like shahruk sir Saif Ali khan amir Khan sonu nigam farhan Akhtar tom Cruise javed Akhtar rok still I have no training in my life yet i have myself acting style too I wanna take admission in sir anupamkheractingschool pls reply me sooner I m living in life only n only for acting

  21. Hi!
    I need to know about the weekend course (Direction and Screenplay writting) along with fee

  22. tanj says:

    hey sir.., i want to join your course bcoz i love to act and acting is my passion.

  23. Tanuj kr Arora says:

    hey sir.., i want to join your course bcoz i love to act and acting is my passion

    • Mark 5 Films says:

      For film direction course or filmmaming workshop or film school Please send your details on or fill up the query form on the website. Thanks, Team Mark 5 Films
      9971988936 call or WhatsApp

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